Adjusting to Changing Travel Plans

Recently, I discovered that a friend I know just returned from living and teaching English in Thailand with her family for a year. Her mother, who is originally from Thailand, and father are missionaries there, and have many community contacts there. So I’ve been talking with her, getting her input and meeting connections of hers through Facebook.  And now, I have come to the conclusion that instead of taking a teaching job for a year long term at a government school, my time there would best be served there by travelling around and hopefully volunteering a bit at various organizations if I have the opportunity.  This is exciting two-fold because it allows more flexibility to travel the country and volunteer with small organizations when I can.  I feel thankful for the turn of events because having these contacts allows me to teach, volunteer or travel around and see the beautiful country. Not to mention, it allows my parents and family to feel better about my transition abroad.

So now, as I’ve started to set plans, the pieces that were previously causing me frustration, are seeming to fall into place. I’m glad that I postponed my departure time initially, and did not rush off to leave quicker than things were in order.  As of now, I’m flying out of Atlanta this Saturday to the west coast, where I’ll spend a couple days each in Seattle, Portland, and Los Angeles, before flying out of the country next week. Then, I’ll spend a few days in Tokyo before arriving in Bangkok.

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  1. Sharon

    So glad to see your site is up and running! I will be following your journey with great anticipation!

  2. That’s great to hear you would have such a close connection to someone who’s been to Thailand that recently! I can’t wait to hear what more about the organizations you will be working for. 🙂

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