The sacral chakra, the lower burner tan tien, the gut instinct, the center, the core…

The middle is the place where so many people store things. We store food, water, waste, energy is consumed here literally. But also we store guilt, shame, anxiety and the body gets backed up in both a physical and mental/emotional sense.

We hold on and don’t forgive ourselves, then we fail to forgive others. We live our lives in a cycle feeding our guilt and shame. We do shameful deeds, treat others with hostility and skepticism. When in reality we are all beating hearts, feeling, sensitive to the touch. We put on armor to shield ourselves from feeling, delusional that deep down houses immense pain.

Perhaps if we just sat with this pain like a crying child for as long as it takes, gentle and whispering I love you, that we would start to heal and feel peaceful and whole.

Once the wounds heal and scars mark the paths we have been we can look at them and feel nothing but a quiet regard for what has come before like a worn rock on a sidewalk. We can feel proud of overcoming pain through healing, but more than that we can just feel one with everything to a core of seemingly detached bliss because we feel all so keenly that it cancels out.

We become white noise, not there at all yet everywhere all around, balanced to the point at the center of all and none.

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I started this blog in the Fall of 2013 simply to share my -mostly solo- travel experiences with friends, family, and whomever else cares to read. Cheers!

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