I’ve always had a love for earrings. They are small component of a look that can transform the whole thing. They are like a cake topper. Put a figurine, a flower, decoration, whatever you choose sets the tone and theme of the whole cake.

Since having two kids over the past few years I’ve been unable to wear anything but small studs without fear of them being torn from my head. But now, I’m able to wear them here and there and when I cannot at least I can share my great finds with others!

Therefore, since I live between the fashion and jewelry districts of downtown Los Angeles I often walk by wholesale stores seeing the cutest clothes and jewelry thinking, wow I wish I could buy just one for myself. Well, I decided why not just start a business so I could be able to wear them and share them with the girls like me I know! Because I’m venturing into this with jewelry, clothes, plants and home decor, I have not decided upon a name for the brand yet so stay tuned!

Here are some of the styles I have available so far…

img 5885 Earringsimg 5625 Earringsimg 5634 Earringsimg 5609 Earringsimg 5591 Earrings

The IT Dress Fall 2019

img 5687 1 1 The IT Dress Fall 2019The off-shoulder deep v-neck sweater dress is the hottest new dress for winter/ fall 2019. It is a must have piece in your wardrobe.

Not only is it comfortable – think a large sweater encapsulating your body ever so tenderly – but it is flattering with its body contouring fit. And because it’s a chunky knit material it hides the imperfections, which any real girl can get behind.

Furthermore, the off-shoulder design draws attention upwards to the face rather than down towards the belly, leaving only the silhouette of subtle curves below.

It is warm enough to wear on a cool night with a coat, yet cool enough to wear on a fall day on the town or for brunch.

Your social media photos come out looking elegant and on trend. I can’t say enough of how excited I am at this dress. Get yours today at www.missfitjeans.com

img 5686 2 The IT Dress Fall 2019


Lately I’ve taken the position of brand manager and partner with up and coming trend savvy fashion house ULTRVLT DSGN, of which I’m working on revamping the media aesthetics and market direction of their women’s streetwear line Missfit and their men’s line Ultraviolet Apparel. With so many spot-on pieces in their forward collection, I can’t wait to see what is in store for our collaboration going forward.

img 5691 ULTRVLT

Yellow Ribbed Croptop

img 5690 ULTRVLT

Tiedye Croptop Hoodie

img 5689 ULTRVLT

Silver Velour Trackset

img 5693 ULTRVLT

Waffle Print Striped Croptop

Getty Museum LA

Cool and fresh on a hillside overlooking LA.
The sunshine ever shining. A cool breeze.
Art, food, culture, talent displayed. Life is good.

IMG 0823 Getty Museum LA

IMG 0817 Getty Museum LA

IMG 0812 Getty Museum LA

IMG 0811 Getty Museum LA

IMG 0819 Getty Museum LA

IMG 0818 Getty Museum LA

IMG 0832 Getty Museum LA

IMG 0839 Getty Museum LA


IMG 2638 300x225 HollandI was not sure what to expect of Holland (the area outside of Amsterdam that is actually more properly called ‘The Netherlands’). Of course I’d seen photos of windmills, dutch shoes, and tulips, but I wasn’t sure that this was something I’d really care to see in person.

Well, it was a pleasant surprise.  We did a planned tour, which  I’m always hesitant to do, as the whole tour group thing is rather restrictive. But as I’m learning on this trip, it usually ends up being for the best – especially when you have only a short or finite amount of time.  In 11 hours we were able to take a stroll through Fallendam, a ritsy suburb of Amsterdam where neighbors compete to have the best, most showy window displays in their row-style homes;  see a cute harbor town with a demonstration of how to make cheese at a dutch cheese shop;  get on a boat and ride over to an island where I stopped at a fish stand to try pickled herring on toast;  see a demonstration of how Dutch wooden shoes are made;  stroll through a beautiful little windmill village; and spend several hours in Keukenhof Gardens amongst the absolutely beautiful flowers, namely the tulips.

IMG 2628 225x300 HollandIMG 3079 300x225 HollandSo all in all the tour was worth taking, even despite the fact that we had a set schedule and route (something that typically drives my aversion towards tourgrouping on my travels).  Yet, we were able to see all the main sights for which the region is known,  -which would not be known if they were not unique or special in some way.  Therefore, I’m happy and thankful for the opportunity to see them.

Moreover, on our tour group, I met some sweet Thai friends with whom I practiced speaking Thai – even though seeing and speaking with them made me miss my Thai friends and ‘family’ back in Thailand where I lived in the fall of last year.

In addition, at the tulip gardens my mom and I were able to capture and submit a photo for the ‘Hope for Houston’ organization that is promoting awareness and calling for more research for muscular dystrophy. Houston is a sweet, beautiful young boy from our home town who is suffering from this debilitating disease. So any and all awareness that we can spread for this worthy cause is a blessing, as was my experience seeing Holland and all its natural beauty.

IMG 2613 219x300 Holland

IMG 2654 233x300 HollandIMG 2642 225x300 Holland

IMG 2530 300x225 HollandIMG 2653 300x232 Holland

Fifty Licks Ice Cream

20131008 181623 Fifty Licks Ice Cream

This is an awesome little ice cream shop that was suggested to me around the corner from the Cambodian restaurant at which I ate. With specialty ice creams and hand made, gluten free cones (I was told it took a long time to perfect this recipe and the result is really good).

20131008 181812 Fifty Licks Ice Cream

I spoke for quite a while with the girl working there, who allowed me to taste many of the flavors. She was a really nice and cool person who reminded me of someone I used to know.

She started by giving me the jasmine rice with sweet cream. It was delicious. You can really taste the sweet rice flavor. I actually ended up getting this with the passion fruit sorbet, to make kind of a mango and sticky rice concoction. (It was her idea and it was awesome!) I also tried the Tahitian vanilla, with a more mellow, fruity vanilla than many other strains of vanilla, like Madagascar or Chilean.

I tried also the browned milk cream. They take milk powder and cook it so that it’s slightly carmelized in the pan and then fold it into the ice cream. It was delicious. If not for the rice and sorbet mixture, I would have gotten this and the bourbon cherry. You have to be over 21 to get the bourbon cherry. There is a local brewery that makes cherry bourbon; and Fifty Licks takes the cherries left from the batches, grinds them down, and uses them in the ice cream. You could really taste both the distinct flavors of tart cherry (like mellow and sweet like rainier cherries, and sweet bourbon -more mellow, with a nonintrusive bite -kind of like the nonintrusive bite I accidentally took out of the ice cream in the photo about before I remembered to take the picture).

20131008 181934 Fifty Licks Ice Cream20131008 181942 Fifty Licks Ice Cream20131008 181952 Fifty Licks Ice Cream

This place started as one food truck, then several; and one can see why because this is probably the best ice cream I’ve tasted any where in the world thus far. Sweet, creamy and flavorful, yet not heavy or saccharine, all tasted like fresh from a cow milk and garden fresh ingredients. It’s a must to go to in Portland.

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