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The EMP is a museum with a genius mix of Music, Fantasy, and Sci-Fi! Not to mention the ridiculously beautiful architecture of the building! When I bought my ticket, I was asked if I’m related to Buckminster Fuller, which started a conversation about the building and architecture in general. My answer was “I wish.” And I do. He was a visionary to which we’re still catching up. But the EMP is beautiful. You could go there simply to look at the architectural forms. They are quirky, yet fluid, melding natural and unnatural colors and metals. Both the interior and exterior are worth seeing for themselves and adds a coolness to the already cool theme driving the EMP.

This is truly a museum of my own heart! If I had to make a museum for the modern age, it would very well look like the EMP. I started on the music side, where they had exhibits of Nirvana and Hendrix (couldn’t ask for a better pick).

Nirvana: Bringing Punk to The Masses:

IMG_0935 IMG_0934 IMG_0939 IMG_0922

Some of Jimi Hendrix’s Sweet Clothes on their British Tour:

IMG_0944 IMG_0941 IMG_0946 IMG_0945 IMG_0942 IMG_0947

The fantasy section is small, but packed with more things interesting and dear to me, like the periodical table of magic, and the notebooks and writing of Ursula LeGuin and George R. R. Martin (again, I couldn’t ask for two better picks).

IMG_0956 IMG_0959IMG_0958IMG_0960

The Sci-fi & Horror section was rather large compared to fantasy. There were tons of movie props and costumes, sci-fi books, such as Dune, on display. And there were various pods screening early and modern horror films:

IMG_0955 IMG_0954 IMG_0953 IMG_0952 IMG_0949IMG_0950IMG_0951 IMG_0948

Yes, there were quite a number of nerdy folk here, but, really, who wouldn’t want to see this place? It is awesome.

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  1. Dad

    Love the Hendrix stuff !! I should make the journey to his birth(Seattle) & death spot (London). He’s buried in Renton, Washington. BE SAFE

    • gina

      Yeah, it was a great exhibit. Wish you could have seen it. Y’all should go to Seattle. It has some cool stuff to see (and London, also, for sure!)

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