Do you ever notice how you bring your fears to you like metal to a magnet?

Can it perhaps be that the sheer act of thinking about something you send out a frequency or prime your environment to manifesting that exact thing in it?

Is this not ironically proof positive that the universe is structured in a way to give us what we want – so long as it’s assumed that you think about what you want and avoid thinking about things you don’t want, which in fact would be the logical thing to do. Because it stands to reason that if you love your boyfriend Greg you’d spend a lot of time thinking about him whereas if you dislike avocados then you wouldn’t always have them on your mind. However, the problem arises because there is loving a thing, being indifferent in “not liking”, and then being extreme in emotional response to an aversion to something.

When we feel an extreme emotional aversion to something it works in the mind similar to love. It is an obsession, a thing the mind is clinging onto and because of which we feel big feelings about, notice more, think about more etc.

When we push something away from us with a force, that same force like a pendulum will come right back at us. Then we push it back and it comes back again, the vicious cycle.

Perhaps what we should do instead is feel nothing. Be like a ghost so the pendulum swings right through until it slowly just stops. We must recognize that the universe is giving us what we want / need / need to overcome. A want or need is in actuality a lack of some kind. So don’t be shocked when what comes to you seems undesirable. Perhaps it is. But what it is also is something to practice feeling nothing about. It’s the only way to be free.

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