Chihuly Glass & Sculpture Garden Seattle



This museum and sculpture garden is beautiful. Chihuly is a true artist in the medium of glass. His eye for form and color is superb. His work is both whimsical and organic. Often set amongst gardens and landscape, the fluid, often colorful forms blend into the environment almost with a zen-like seamlessly planned ease. A Washington native, his work has been shown, and is currently displayed all over the world. It can also be found in nearly every state in some museum or another. He’s perhaps the most famous living artist you’ve never heard of.





Though I think $19 is a bit steep for such a small exhibit, if you have the money or simply want to see it on a trip to Seattle, then you should. Even if you feel like the exhibition is a bit limited, you’ll also marvel at the beauty of it. When I went, the ticket price was reduced to $14 because one gallery was closed for an event, which was fine by me because it was still somewhat visible from the garden.



So, if you’re in Seattle and you love art, especially glass art, then this is high-up on a must-see list.